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1. What is the biomimetic method ?

The biomimetic method of manual therapy is a massage technique that relies on gentle mobilization of the body’s muscles, connective tissues and joints to facilitate the release of deep seated patterns of tension. The method’s main goal is to promote the return to, or development of, a naturally aligned posture and a capacity for comfortable and efficient movement across the body’s full range of motion.

2. What is the origin of the biomimetic method ?

The biomimetic method was developed over many years by combining, testing and integrating tools and teachings from Japanese shiatsu, traditional Chinese acupuncture and internal martial arts and qigong systems. The biomimetic method stems from and conforms to ancient medical knowledge, yet it has been adapted to modern circumstances in order to optimize its therapeutic potential.

3. How can the biomimetic method help me ?

The biomimetic method can help you find your way back to a united sense of self. It will allow you to feel more accurately the deep tension patterns that often lie at the root of chronic pain and postural imbalances. Those patterns should then gradually dissolve, making way for a more relaxed, comfortable and lively experience of inhabiting your body.

4. Is the biomimetic method safe ?

The biomimetic method is safe for the great majority of people. Pain is avoided during treatment by carefully adjusting the amount of pressure applied to the tissues, and while temporary discomfort can arise as a reaction to treatment, it is most often benign and short-lived. However, if you suffer from an acute or chronic illness that requires the attention of a healthcare professional, it is advisable that you seek out the advice of your doctor before going forward with massage therapy treatment.

5. Which health conditions or diseases can benefit from treatment ?

In most cases, biomimetic method treatments wil enhance general health and/or well-being. That being said, individuals that suffer from the following health conditions usually experience the most significant improvements following treatment with the method :

· Chronic pain conditions including, but not limited to, fibromyalgia
· Stress-related digestive dysfunction such as functional dyspepsia or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
· Anxiety leading to physical tensions
· Chronic headaches and migraines
· Difficulty in recovering full mobility after illness

If symptoms are severe or if a chronic illness has reached an advanced stage, combined treatment with standard and/or complementary care will most likely provide the best results.

6. How many treatment sessions will I need ?

While the number of treatments needed before one experiences durable relief may vary from one individual to another, we can generally determine how much of an impact treatment with the biomimetic method will have on symptoms within a few sessions. If, for any reason, the treatments do not provide any relief, then a referral to another medical practitioner or method will be provided to you. When the treatments do provide relief, the frequency of appointments will be adjusted in order to insure lasting results. Whenever appropriate, simple qigong exercises, customized to fit your needs, will be recommended to you to help you participate in your healing process and enhance the beneficial effects of treatment.

7. Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment ?

An insurance receipt for massage therapy services from the RMPQ (Réseau des Massothérapeutes Professionnels du Québec) will be provided to you after each treatment. Please contact your insurance provider to know if massage therapy is covered by your health plan.

Any questions ?

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