ocean waves crashing on shore during daytime
ocean waves crashing on shore during daytime


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The Biomimetic Method lives up to its name : it imitates life

The Method relies on movement patterns that are fundamental to life : complex, wave-like motions that naturally arise when our bodies let go of deep-seated tensions. This “lively” quality, typically observed in spontaneous movement, has been used by qigong practitioners and martial artists for centuries, for its health benefits and performance enhancing properties.

The Biomimetic Method does not try to correct or rectify imbalances in muscle tone or bone alignment. Rather, it seeks to trigger our body’s innate capacity for self-regulation. A Biomimetic Method practitioner will not establish diagnosis based on idealized models of human anatomy. Instead, he or she will let her therapeutic intervention be guided by the body’s responses to manipulations, helping it find a way back to a more balanced, unified state.

The Method is not meant to replace conventional or traditional medicine. However, it can in some cases provide relief when other methods have failed. It can do so because it isn’t based on a fixed theory of human physiology — it is guided only by the body’s reaction to treatment. That is why the Biomimetic Method is not a substitute for standard care, and also why it can help relieve suffering whenever life refuses to fit into established models of medicine.

Forest landscape with man stretching
Forest landscape with man stretching
Cupped hands
Cupped hands

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